Engineering Services



  Profitable decisions are based on having the critical site information in the planning phase. The key is being able to anticipate regulatory requirements 8-12-16 months out.  AEC Services, Inc. help clients do this. Our experience enables us to anticipate obstacles ahead of time. We weigh all the site selection factors, hard & soft costs, schedules, and risk. Our relationships with regulatory agencies at all levels of governments enable us to quickly outline chances for development approval.

Engineering / Design


  In addition to being a professional engineering firm, AEC is also a general contractor. We understand the impact of design decisions on your schedules. We develop common-sense engineering solutions that are economical, practical and constructible.   We design with a thorough understanding of local construction methodologies and contractor preferences. We identify design flaws in plans and correct them before plans reach the field. This means fewer costly change orders and deadlines are met.

Permitting / Regulatory Approval


  Nothing happens until have the necessary permits in hand. Our knowledge of rules, codes, and obtaining regulatory approvals is an area where AEC excels. We prepare and spearhead your formal applications to all regulatory agencies at the local, county, and state level. Preliminary site plans, landscape plans, drainage design, paving and grading plans, utility easements, environmental permitting – our permitting team work to insure that there a no last minute delays.